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Have you resorted to the "old ways" of drying your clothing because of your failed dryer? Old is Gold but so is a working dryer. Below are some of the common problems that we can help you out with.

  • Dryer stopped mid cycle now will not turn on

  • Dryer will turn on but will not start cycle

  • High-pitched squealing comping from your dryer

  • Clothes are coming out still damp after a long cycle

  • Takes multiple cycles to dry clothes completely.

Washer & Dryer
Washer Coin Slider Repair


What ever the problems may be, our technicians have experience with washers that do not want to cooperate. We have listed a few common washing machine problems below.

  • Problems with too much water being left on clothing​

  • Problems with no water entering washing machine

  • Problems with dark matter escaping from under machine​​

  • Problems with agitator not agitating

  • Problems with basket not spinning

  • Problems with Lid Lock

  • Problems with not draining

  • Problems with loud noise​​

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